It is strange to come across a new band who don’t rely on dance beats and synth. But yes, Young The Giant prefer the guitar. In recent times, they have supported Marina And The Diamonds and The Futureheads.

Young The Giant are a five-piece group hailing from Newport Beach in California. Their debut album is due out in America at the start of next week, on Roadrunner Records, pre-eminent home of metal.

And get this for a marketing promo: if you pre-order it off iTunes, you get a personal phone call from the band. It is unknown how long the call lasts, and how substantial it is in the whole scheme of things, but it is nice to get a little added personal touch from a band.

They were busy over the past week at CMJ, where they played at least five scheduled shows.

Young The Giant are Sameer Gadhia – vocals, Jacob Tilley – guitar, Eric Cannata – guitar/vocals, Payam Doostzadeh – bass, Francois Comtois – drums/vocals. The singer doesn’t sound totally unsimilar to Paolo Nutini, but let’s look past that for now, shall we?

Their album is streaming over on Facebook (or was at the time of writing at least), and grabs your attention from the get go. It is 12 tracks long, and you will notice that the Facebook player is very annoying. Stream it here.

Or if you prefer to stay away from Facebook, listen to the best track on the album ‘My Body’, below.

Young The Giant – ‘My Body’

Young The Giant – ‘Cough Syrup’

Young The Giant – ‘I Got’