I am slightly behind on this one, because on Wednesday night, Spies launched their first ep, Liars Call Me King at The Workman’s Club. But anyway…

Spies are a five-piece from Dublin and are so kind that you can download the ep from Bandcamp. Have a listen below to find out just why exactly you would want to download it. The opening track, a bass-driven number, has plenty of swirling guitars and intricate bits to everyone pleased. “I am sorry that I grappled in your grave” also provides one of the most memorable sing-along outros in quite a while.

Second track, ‘Falter’ is a thumping drum number. “Leave me with my broken arm, my charm, it covers the scar,” is a line I am sure Morrissey himself would be proud of. And just when you think you know what lies around the corner, everything about the track changes. Magnificently so.

The third track on the ep below is ‘Fill The Silence’, which the band does brilliantly. This is an ep you can play again and again. The lyrics evoke the aforementioned former singer of The Smiths more than anything else, but there are bigger moments on here than the man himself conjured up. This is something of supreme confidence, something that sounds like it will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Need more Spies? Watch ‘Covered In The Times’ below, if only to see how they have youth on their side.