The Decemberists are a band who have always threatened to break into the mainstream but have always fallen a littlle bit short. Last year’s full length, The Hazards Of Love got lots of coverage for its concept, but people scoffed at the songs themselves, which slowly reveal themselves as gems through repetition – something that can be lost in today’s world which needs good new music this second.

The track below is ‘Down By The Water’, off an album rumoured to be called The King Is Dead. The tracklist below. The track is definitely influenced by Mr Dylan, whom Colin et al toured with recently. It is hard to not think of that lonely troubadour when you think of Colin’s journey thus far. Both extoll the virtue of not listening to anyone’s opinion, just going it alone down the dusty trail.

But anyway, that is an article for another day. Enjoy ‘Down By The Water’ by simply entering in an email address below. It is 3.42 minutes in length and if you like Decemberists, it should please you.

The King Is Dead tracklisting is below, with most of the tracks linked to live videos, mostly from a folk festival the band played last year:

1 ‘Don’t Carry It All’
2 ‘Calamity Song’
3 ‘Rise to Me
4 ‘Rox in the Box
5 ‘January Hymn’
6 ‘Down By the Water
7 ‘All Arise!’
8 ‘June Hymn
9 ‘This Is Why We Fight’
10 ‘Dear Avery’

[via Consequences of Sound]