The Drums are a band I have tried to like in the past, but their pretension (and the singer) really do make it difficult. They are ok. But plaudits should be earned more.

Conversely, Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr, I have a lot of time for. He is signed to Terrible Records, controlled by Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor, and has the best moustache in the business at the moment. His debut album came out recently, and really is a gem, despite whether Nialler9 gives it his seal of approval or not (that remark might be lost on pretty much everyone bar three people, unless you are willing to search through his past few weeks of tweets).

Anyway, put The Drums together with Twin Shadow and you get something much more approachable. The shriekiness of the vocals have been taken down a notch, and the dance level has been upped. Plenty to like with the remix, and if you want to compare, the original is below, in video form. Though it is nothing special.

The Drums – ‘Me And The Moon’ (Twin Shadow Remix)

[via State Magazine and Record Label]