Fresh from playing on record and in the flesh with Mark Ronson, Kyle, Kieran and, er, the other two, are back at the day job. ‘Sunday’ is the first new music we have heard from the Dundee foursome since 2008’s Which Bitch?, which had some great tracks on there. But nothing that even compared to ‘Wasted Little Djs’ or ‘Superstar Tradesman’. They give me goosebumps just thinking about them.

But yes, they are back with a new track. ‘Sunday’ is very much in the same vein as ‘Same Jeans’: Let’s party, and let’s make sure it goes on all week. Kyle squeals, “Wake me up on Sunday”, just like he sang, “I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now”. Some things just aren’t supposed to change.

With guitar whirring over the verses, it all comes to the fore by the chorus, a big one, that will leave you searching for the words. Not to describe how good it is, but just what it is Kyle is saying. Something about going home with you, is what I have so far. But that is all part of the charm. Listen to the track below, and download it over at their website. You will be mighty glad you did.

let’s just hope Mark Ronson stays away this time.

The View – ‘Sunday’

Now, let’s remenisce: