Grizzly Bear made harmonies cool. Fleet Foxes went and made it popular. Mountain Man revived the idea of just vocals and nothing else. And now Idiot Glee, aka James Friley, is doing it for the men.

Yes harmonies and A’capella are making a comeback. Needless to say that Idiot Glee’s music is not particularly great as a Saturday night get-you-in-the-mood-for-a-partay records. but for atmospheric, sparse, thoughtful music, it works a charm. There are a few instruments and other stuff to liven things up, and it does make think he would have been at home in a less rock ‘n’ roll, more sombre ’50s. The man is only 23, but you could swear he has only been listening to doo-wop all his life rather than Lady Gaga.

Below are two eps, a self-titled four track one, and Split Cassette, an ep halved with The Butchers. No track is much over the three minute mark, so set aside a few moments of your time and get in touch with the heart of Idiot Glee.