After reading this with my jaw on the floor, I wanted to get a look at what the Sufjan Stevens live show looks and sounds like. And then the magic of Youtube revealed itself. The setlist is just below, of one of his most recent shows, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC, USA. All the videos below have been shot over the past month by various users and uploaders, bar one, which was shot at The Olympia in Dublin a few years back. Hopefully, we will be seeing Sufjan on these shores soon enough. I hope you enjoy the footage, all of which is not terrible footage. All of it is listenable, but obviously, there are some heads in the way.

Sufjan Stevens Setlist Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, NC, USA 2010, Age of Adz Tour

‘Seven Swans’

‘Age Of Adz’

‘Too Much’


‘I Walked’

‘Futile Devices’


‘The Owl And the Tanager’

‘Get Real Get Right’

‘Enchanting Ghost’

‘Impossible Soul’


‘Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois’

‘Casimir Pulaski Day’

‘The Dress Looks Nice On You’

‘John Wayne Gacy Jr’