One of my favourite blogs, RightHear, yesterday dropped one of the best tracks you will hear all year, and they are not afraid to shout about it: “I was wondering if we’d see a track drop late in 2010 that demanded a spot in the year end best-of lists. It happened,” they tweeted. “Yeah, so, you’re gonna want to hear this,” they said the day before.

But straight from the very first second of Painted Face’s ‘Favourite One’ you realise this is something special. “Painted Face is the moniker of Allie Alvarado, a D.C. based singer/songwriter who has roots in the Brooklyn art rock scene. Formerly a member of bands Telepathe and Blood Lines, Allie’s solo project is a collaboration with producer Alvin Risk,” her Facebook page states.

Having played gigs with Wolf Gang and School Of Seven Bells in the past few weeks, it is safe to say that the Painted Face star is only going to keep rising. The track below is currently soundtracking the second consecutive evening for me. Listen to the Undreamt ep below, and I have singled out ‘Favourite One’ because, well, as RightHear says, you need to listen to it.

Painted Face – ‘Undreamt’
Painted Face – ‘Favourite One’
Painted Face – ‘Sum Of Me’
Painted Face – ‘Girls In Love’

Painted Face – ‘Favourite One’