I hope we all agree that Panda Bear is amazing. And if we do, then please keep reading.

He is releasing a series of 7″ singles in anticipation of the forthcoming Tomboy, and ‘Last Night At The Jetty’/ ‘Drone’ is the third release. You can stream versions from Primavera earlier this yer below, [via SKOA], and watch a few videos below that. The clip for ‘Drone’ is the third video, and was recorded in Vicar Street in Dublin in March, which I was delighted to also be at. Needless to say, Panda Bear blew my mind.

The single is out on Fat Cat Records, and continues to keep those who love Lennox salivating for the full release for another little bit.

Panda Bear – ‘Last Night At The Jetty’
Panda Bear – ‘Drone’