This passed me by, but only by a month or so. This is the new ep from The Gorgeous Colours, one of the most underrated bands in Ireland. Some people have already discussed they had a new ep coming out, and you can stream the four great tracks below, and purchase the ep for just €3.

And honestly, they are four tracks that deserve to be heard. No gimmicks, no trying to be the newest sound around, The Gorgeous Colours make beautiful music that urges you to listen again. And it was all possible thanks to donations from 100 fans. It may not have worked for NWA (if memory serves me correctly), but it has worked for the band straight out of Dublin.

Here is the video for the title track

Maybe this ep will signal a growth in popularity for the band. Certainly sounds like it would be deserved. Now, if we could have more of this, then that would be great. Follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.