It sounds like Fever Ray is having a party and is, what’s that? Yes, she is having fun. Games’ ‘Strawberry Skies’ is a party in the Caribbean for just over three minutes.

Games are pretty hard to Google. It took a while to track down much about them. Games is two people, Joel Ford
and and Daniel Lopatin, and they are signed to Hippos in Tanks. Here is what they say: “When we were kids, the synthesizer was our 
vehicle for blasting into third life during a time when all we had
 was a Daytona tape deck. Ever since, we’ve been ON THE CHASE.”

Their new ep, That We Can Play, is a great slice of beats and electronica, and provides a sound that would make Kele jealous. One track from the collection, ‘Strawberry Skies’ is below, and there is also a video for ‘Shadows In Bloom’, a pastiche of travel videos glued together by Weirdcore.

Games – ‘Strawberry Skies’