British Sea Power only released a seven-track ep a few weeks back, but they have a new album in the can already. Valhalla Dancehall is due out in January, and ‘Living Is So Easy’ is the first single to be taken from it. It is due out at the end of November.

The track is almost the antithesis of Biffy Clyro’s Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies’. It sounds like BSP are going for the ultimate funeral song: “Everyone is going to the party,” sings Yan. And when the chorus consists of lines like “Dying is so easy,” you must think that funerals might just get that little bit, well, easier. It is a great, laid back tune, that has all the tenets of the eccentric band. Listen below, with a tracklisting for Valhalla Dancehall underneath. Expect a video shortly, as well as a British (and hopefully Irish) tour in February.

British Sea Power – ‘Living Is So Easy’

1 ‘Who’s In Control’
2 ‘We Are Sound’
3 ‘Georgie Ray’
4 ‘Stunde Null’
5 ‘Mongk II’
6 ‘Luna’
7 ‘Baby’
8 ‘Living Is So Easy’
9 ‘Observe The Skies’
10 ‘Cleaning Out The Rooms’
11 ‘Thin Black Sail’
12 ‘Once More Now’
13 ‘Heavy Water’