The band has only been going for three years but already C!ties are living the jetsetting lifestyle. Attempts to talk to Sean Hurson were scuppered when it was discovered he was catching a train in Europe. Who knew that life was so glamorous for the Ennis three-piece?

As it turns out, it is only Sean that is away – the other two members of the band, Ian Malone and Eoghan McMahon, are back home in Ireland, busy with college. Ian says that college work is taking up most of each members’ time at the moment. Is C!ties therefore seen as more of a hobby to them?

“It is more than that now,” he claims. “It seems that there is responsibility in it. Now we have this stretch of dates coming up with Out On A Limb. There’s four dates in a row and a fifth date in Dublin. Galway, Limerick, Ennis, Cork in four days. That’s our responsibility to travel around the country and try and make a few bob for the records, and get ourselves out there.

“But, it’s more of a hobby than it is a job, because it is too much fun for it to be anything like a job. Usually, we play on weekends and then we go back to college, and then next weekend we go to another part of the country. So I don’t know would you call them tours, because we are taking breaks for college in between.”

The stretch of dates Ian mentions is promotion for the upcoming split-single vinyl release with Guilty Optics, on the Out On A Limb record label. ‘Krakatoa’ is the track featured on the single, and as with the other songs that they have released, it is a crunching riff-driven three-and-a-half minutes that will leave you gasping for breath by the end. It follows the self-titled ep released in 2008, and a split-single released in September on Stress, Debt & Chest Pains. Is the recording process getting easier for the band?

“Yeah, it is starting to,” he says. “This time was great – it was only the three of us in a room for hours together and we really got to know each other really well. The whole thing just came together a lot better than the first time around. We recorded it all ourselves. Sean actually works in the youth centre in town, and there is a recording studio in there, so we were able to get a bit of time in there.

“For the first ep, we were in my garage in one of my old houses, and so this time around we had the whole studio. Sean is studying all the sound recording stuff so he was able to pretty much record the whole thing for us.

“It all came together pretty quickly. We had to keep the track to a certain length for the purpose of it going on a vinyl so it was just a process of elimination as to what track would be suitable for the record, so it didn’t cause any arguments at all.”

C!ties – ‘Krakatoa’

Did C!ties have a lot of tracks to choose from for the split-single? “Not as much as we’d like,” Ian admits. “We have been writing as much as we can, but since three of us are in different places most of the time, it is getting pretty difficult with college and whatnot.

“Hopefully over the next while we can, but it is a slow process. Three of us are in college. Sean is on placement at the moment, so he is working. We do love being in the band, and it’s a part of our lives, but at the same time, we have to prioritise with going to college. Eoghan is actually working on a dissertation in college this year, but fair play to him for still writing and touring with us.”

Was the band excited about releasing something on such a revered format such as vinyl, as opposed to the previous digital releases?

“It’s really, really cool. Since we actually discovered that people were still releasing vinyls, we realised it wasn’t a lost kind of music, we thought it would be really cool [to release a vinyl].

“I have always had turntables sitting in my house, and thought, ‘Records? Whatever, I’ll play my cds and listen to my iPod.’ But then, I kind of got into them. I started delving into my dad’s record collection, buying records of bands, and then when we actually got the opportunity to have a record of our own, we jumped at the opportunity. We brought out digital downloads with both songs, because not everyone has a vinyl player, but at the same time, people like having the vinyls. And nobody buys cds anymore anyway,” he laughs.

“This is going to be our second paid release. It’s getting pretty heavy at this stage. The last stretch of gigs for Stress, Debt & Chest Pains’ vinyl, was to older crowds than what we are used to playing. We are used to playing in pubs to people roughly our own age – 17, 18, 19, 20 – getting drunk and dancing around the place.

“But we had a more sophisticated type of audience – people were more appreciative of the music as opposed to going mental. And then when we had them coming up afterwards and buying the record, and saying we were great and stuff. It was something else.”

C!ties are going to be playing the forthcoming dates with fellow single-stars Guilty Optics, whom Ian admits they have not even heard yet. “We haven’t even talked to them. I’m sure we will get along with them. We’ll have a musicians’ bond,” Ian says.

And as for his fellow bandmates, would Ian say that they are living the dream? “Ah, we’ll see how we are getting on after four days in a van with each other.”

That’s if Sean comes back from his European excursions for the tour.

Out On A Limb released the split 7” single featuring C!ties and Guilty Optics on November 19.