LCD Soundsystem called into Dublin last weekend to take over the Tripod. It could possibly be classed as some of the best gigs a lot of people have been to. I wouldn’t argue much with that argument, and Jim Carroll probably wouldn’t either. The Saturday show was sweaty, loud, and left me feeling sore for the few days (I actually don’t think I have fully recovered).

Below are some photos of the band taken by Brid O’Donovan. Sweat is not included.

LCD have also just made a series of songs recorded in London available for your llistening pleasure. Only have the experience, and if you can get to a show, don’t even think about it. Enjoy.

1. Us V Them
2. All I Want
3. Drunk Girls
4. Get Innocuous
5. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
6. All My Friends
7. Pow Pow
8. I Can Change
9. Yr City’s a Sucker

You can download the band’s London sessions at iTunes.