Why have I only heard of Teeth now? It is a three-piece made up of Ximon Tayki, Simon Whybray and Veronica So. And they would put Magnetic Man to shame.

The See Spaces ep is below in all its remixed glory. The original tracks by the band will absolutely blow your mind, while the remixes try to stick it back together. And then blow it up again. The band are from the painfully-cool Dalston area of London, of which Razorlight wrote a song about.

There is no such possiblilty that Teeth might do the same though, so don’t worry. There are sevenremixes of ‘See Spaces’ below, which is an obvious example of just how full of ideas it is. They are signed to Moshi Moshi,who say Teeth direct their own videos, conceptualize their photo shoots and produce their own fanzines.

With an album in the works, and some quality support slots under their belts, expect to be dancing to Teeth for a long time to come.

Latest tracks by TEETH