Just when you though that the list of Irish albums released this year couldn’t get any longer, Not Squares turned up with a few keyboards and proceeded to blow minds.

Not Squares début album has just been released on Richter Collective, which it must be said, has had an absolutely phenomenal year, but must be worried about how they can possibly top it. Yeah, Ok is a stunning 40-minute-plus affair which shows the quality of bands in Ireland in 2010. I hadn’t heard much of them before Nialler9 posted their album stream on Thursday night, but I was left open-mouthed at the noise coming from the speakers. Below is the video for the opening track on the album, ‘Release The Bees’ which is not new. No, it is more than six months old, but is such an unbelievable choooooon that it deserves to be seen and heard again and again.

And thanks to the joys of Bandcamp, you can listen to the whole album below. Do it. Then buy it. For five euro.