Sundays were made for easy listening. Someone should have told Britches that before I pressed play and they blew my ears.

Britches are a three-piece hailing from St Louis, Missouri, who excel at what is termed noise-rock. Their five-track ep, available for free on Bandcamp, and available to stream below, would make No Age jealous. With tracks called ‘White Noise’ more than living up to their billin you might start to get the picture.

The fact the band has only been going for 18 months or so – they formed in June 2009 – makes you think that this ep will be the first of make releases you will be blowing your ears to. The fact it is only a demo, makes things look very nice indeed.

Note: ‘Dream Song’, which follows ‘White Noise’ is not dream-pop, which Beach House dwell in. It is bands like Britches who make ‘The Man’ say you need to turn the speakers down lest you blow your ears. Britches would disagree.

Make sure to turn Britches up to 11.

There is a few more bits and bobs from Britches on their Facebook, which is looking a lot better for bands since Myspace has capitulated in recent weeks.