Altered Zones should be one of your first port of calls every day if you want to discover new music. Just last week, they introduced me to Games’ ‘Shadows In Bloom’ which is one of the finest things you will hear this year.

And this week, they pointed out Sea Things, which is hip-hop the way Flying Lotus sees hip-hop: more a barrage of sounds and noises morphed into something otherworldly than the laid back early genre stuff.

Sea Things is Michael Floering, based in Florida, and his entire d├ębut album is up on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure. Called Sea Thangs, it is like opening a box of chocolates without a guide to what each one contains. Except it won’t make you fat. And it is a lot cooler than a box of roses.

It holds plenty of treats to be discovered. Altered Zones singled-out ‘Drakewave’ for sprecial praise, saying it “tears through layers of swirling noise, dropping arching synths, bombs that sound almost like instruments, and a rhythm section that feels as though it were on the brink of collapse”.

I don’t know if things are quite as apocalyptic as that, but with the likes of ‘Time Dilution’, with its watered-down sound, and ‘4am’ with its mind-bending music, Sea Things has certainly created an intriguing piece of work.

If Portishead made dinner music cool, then Sea Things makes it downright crazy. You won’t be able to sit still. Listen below, and download it for the price of nothing!

Go exploring on Myspace, if you can stand the layout