Dubstep is something that seems to be evolving so fast that by next year, it could be a lost genre. But after all the post-dubstep and hyperdub has been sampled, Jamie Woon could be the last one standing. Why? Well, he has the mastermind of dubstep in his corner.

Burial is the main man when it comes to dubstep, and he is the producer behind Jamie Woon. ‘Night Air’ is pop music looked a through a veil of beats, blips and noises. And it has a video, directed by Lorenzo Fonda, which features walking through a forest. One of the Youtube comments points out Jamie looks like Keanu Reeves. That is not a bad observation, but he does make music that will leave you asking, ‘Dog-who?’.

You will only get that if you know about Keanu’s band.

Jamie is not quite a brand new artist. He has form in the vocal department. This is his d├ębut single.

And how did Burial and Jamie get together? Why Burial remixed the above track. Listen, and be wowed.

Jamie WOon – ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ (Burial remix)