Some songs just sound like they would make perfect remixes. And some songs sound like they come ready-made as a remix. Caribou’s ‘Jamelia’ is such a track. The original, off of this year’s Swim album is so perfectly packaged as a dancefloor track that you wonder where the track can be taken. Then Gold Panda got his hands on it.

With a glut of dubstep remixes filling ears the world over, it is great to hear a remix that veers away from such tendencies. ‘Jamelia’ gets added bleeps and echoed vocals and stuff slows down. The rhythmic drums come out of their shell a bit more. Everything is laid back.

But no, it is not dubstep. Honest….

Caribou – ‘Jamelia’ (Gold Panda remix)

It is taken from the Swim Remixes album, which you can stream in full over at Nialler9.