Archive: December 2010

Here is your one-stop December shop. All the links from the blog are below bar one or two which are not worth posting. The final one of 2010. Thank you if you ever came here and hopefully things will only get better in 2011. The Point Of Everything is one year old in a week […]

Welcome to the first in a new series of posts on The Point Of Everything. This site will be a year old on January 6 so I will be trying out a few things to spice things up. Below is the first in the ‘A crash course in…’ series where you will find out all […]

Elbow are back with a new track that, even on first listen, can be filed under ‘beautiful’. ‘Lippy Kids’ is a piano-driven number and when Guy starts to croon, every problem you might have just seems to melt away. Watch the video for ‘Lippy Kids’ below, recorded live at Blueprint Studios in Manchester, where most […]

What a tumultuous 18 months it has been for Conor O’Brien and friends. Less than two years into the lifespan of the band, Villagers have established themselves as one of the best live acts not just in Ireland but around the world. The amount of Youtube videos, both of Conor solo and with band in […]

Here is the second new track to surface from REM’s forthcoming album Collapse Into Now. If people thought their last album was rocky wait until you hear ‘It Happened Today’. It features Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame. REM – ‘It Happened Today’ It follows on from last week’s new track ‘The Discoverer’, which was […]

Conor Oberst has made some of the best music of the past decade and returns in February with a new album, The People’s Keys. And below is the first taster of what fans might expect. ‘Shell Games’ is more piano driven than a lot of his previous stuff, not that that is a bad thing. […]

Stop all the Christmas countdowns – it’s new music from Passion Pit, the makers of some of the most perfect electro-pop this side of [insert your favourite electro-pop band here]. It is part of a cunning advertising ploy (liking something on Facebook) but it does give you come through with the goods. Along with the […]

Below is all you really need to know about the ‘rough’ song below. From Richie Ega, aka Jape is ‘Damaged By Love’. The tweets should explain everything. “inspired by @Loreana love of washed out i’m gonna put up a song of mine that i tried to jack their sound, it didn’t really go anyplace :)” […]

Beach House were on Conan last night, December 20, playing ’10 Mile Stereo’. Two reasons to watch the video: 1. Victoria’s fringe has been cut since I last saw her, and now you can see both eyes. 2. They got a bassist (who is kept mostly out of view).

The best band of 2008 are gearing up to make the best album of 2011 but until we get that how about a Christmas present? ‘White Winter Hymnal’ and ‘Mykonos’ get some remix treatment from band member Casey Wescott. But not any normal remix treatment. You have probably heard a million other remixes that employ […]