How do you describe Reading Rainbow? A cacophony of colour in a bland, dark world? The new Best Coast? The best thing since Tennis? Er, well, if the glove fits…

RR are a two piece, guitarist Rob Garcia and drummer Sarah Everton. And guess what: they are married. ‘Always On My Mind’ is off their recently-released second album Prism Eyes. They are going to be supporting next big things Smith Westerns on tour in America soon, and look like they could outshine the Westerns.

The video below sets its influences on the table pretty early. Let the band explain: “Our immensely talented friend Amanda Finn from Family Trees shot and edited the video with assitance from the also immensely talented Ryan Trott of Family Trees. We’ve been dying to release this! It’s a take off on french new wave films from the 60’s, particularly ones by Jean Luc Godard, which we love.”

The band’s Myspace has some of the older, more lo-fi stuff, the group’s Blogspot has some constant news, while Pitchfork has a little bit more.