After the T.O.R.N.A.D.O. video a fortnight ago, we now have our hands on a brand new track from The Go! Team, and boy is it something special.

Bethany from Best Coast lends her vocals to the four-minute track. It sounds like the perfect antidote to all the misery that seems to have taken over in recent months and shows just how good The Go! Team can be when they want. With Jam Carroll talking about new bands fading, it is hard not to think that Ninja and co could easily fall into that category, especially after their last album did nothing for me. But this new track is encouraging and their forthcoming album should be exciting. Listen to ‘Buy Nothing Day’ below.

The Go! Team – ‘Buy Nothing Day’

‘Buy Nothing Day’ will feature on the forthcoming album, Rolling Blackouts by The Go! Team, due out next year.

[via The Guardian]