Making this list of 40 of the best songs of 2010 was one of the tougher things I have done in the almost-year I have been running the blog. It has coincided with the best year in Irish music that I can remember (and that Harmless Noise can remember too). There were so many one-off singles and releases too that some has inevitably been forgotten about. Honourable mentions should go to the two Converse tracks, ‘Didn’t Know What love Was’ and ‘All Summer’, which would probably be in up the top echolons of the list if it were still hot outside.

Some other things you should know before we go on with the list. All artists only feature once. If multiple songs were allowed, Beach House and Villagers would have dominated proceedings. There is one exception which you will see if you go through the list. Remixes are not being counted, mainly because I am hoping to do a remix list later on in the month. From 40-21 features just the track and the bare minimum information, though there are a few videos thrown in that mix too. From 20-1 features a bit more information so please read and criticise and most importantly, listen..

And finally, keep in mind that everything here is my own choice. It is purely personal and is not based on any other list you may have seen, and is uninfluenced by everything bar how much I enjoy each track. I hope you enjoy.

40. The Hold Steady – ‘The Weekenders’ Heaven Is Whenever

39. Interpol – ‘Barricade’ Interpol

38. Jonsi – ‘Go Do’ Go

37. Surfer Blood – ‘Swim’ Astrocoast

36. Hot Chip – ‘I Feel Better’ One Life Stand

35. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – ‘Round And Round’ Before Today

34. Grinderman – ‘Heathen Child’ Grinderman II

33. Chromeo – ‘Don’t Walk Away Business Casual

32. Painted Palms – ‘All Of Us’ Canopy EP

31. The Knocks – ‘Dancing With The DJ’