If I was doing a band of the year award I would have no hesitation in giving it to Victoria and Alex. Teen Dream was my second-favourite album of the year, while ‘Used To Be’ was one of my ten favourite songs of the year. And now to cap off an amazing year for the duo, they have made a Christmas song.

Well, I say Christmas song. It just has the obligatory bells at the start of the track. For the following three-minutes or so, it can stand on its own with anything the band put on their third album. Victoria’s voice could melt snow. It is just another beautiful track to file alongside all the rest. ‘I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun’ can be downloaded here, and listened to below.

Beach House – ‘I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun’

And if you missed it a few months back, they recorded a new track called ‘White Moon’ too. Listen here.