Here is some lovely indie music for you, courtesy of Oxford collective Jonquil. Hugo Manuel, Sam Scott and Robin McDiarmid form the basis of the band, which used to be a six-piece band, before some went and joined Trophy Wife. Hugo is busy himself with Chad Valley, but if this is the quality level he is able to work at on the side, imagine what he will come up with in 2011.

What does ‘One Hundred Suns’ sound like? It is like a more focused Foals. You have the high guitar parts, you have the jerky drums, and there is certainly a hint of Animal Collective/Yeasayer vocals to proceedings. And what else? Did someone say Vampire Weekend?

Anyway the quality of the songs shines through more than anything else, and on this eight-track ep, the tunes never fall below ecstatic. ‘It Never Rains’ sounds like it is just bursting to get out in the sun and dance. And when it is surrounded by the energetic ‘Fighting Smiles’ and ‘Compound’, you realise this is something special. And when the horns come in the apathetic ‘I Know I Don’t Know’, well, let’s just say all your troubles will melt away.

In an interview with Oxford Music Blog, Hugo said: “Yep, the new EP, mini album thing is stuff we’ve been playing for the last nine months or so, plus a few we don’t play live. Although we’ve changed quite a lot we still like to keep an element of the home-recorded feel that were in the previous releases. It’s got a nice of mix of the stuff that’s very sort of, dancy and then some stuff which is more akin to our earlier stuff as well.”

You can listen to the ep below. Expect to hear more about the band over the coming months, and if not, then you will probably be hearing a lot about side-projects and extra-curricular activities. There are so many ideas on this ep that Jonquil are bound to be too busy to take a rest any time soon.