Alessio Natalizi is Banjo or Freakout and has been making (bedroom) music since 2006. Asked by The Line of Best Fit what his inspiration is, he said: “I guess they come from boredom and the desire to make something that feels really personal.”

You can expect to hear more from the London producer over the next year. He has just released a Christmas album featuring his own unique take on some classics. ‘All I Want For Christmas’, ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ and ‘White Christmas’, among many others get the slowed down, spaced out treatment. The standout track, however, is ‘Frosty The Snowman’, unrecognisable from any other version you may have heard. Slightly out-of-tune, it is adds something special to the tale. The lyrics are slow and low all played out below an acoustic guitar.

If you want to hear why you will be hearing more from Banjo next year then just listen to the two tracks underneath the (free downloadable) Bandcamp stream, ‘105’ and ‘Upside Down’. Should be enough to convince you.

Banko Or Freakout – ‘105’

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