Stop all the Christmas countdowns – it’s new music from Passion Pit, the makers of some of the most perfect electro-pop this side of [insert your favourite electro-pop band here].

It is part of a cunning advertising ploy (liking something on Facebook) but it does give you come through with the goods. Along with the Passion Pit track, if you ‘like’ this page, you get free tracks from the aforementioned band as well as Andrew Bird and The Antlers.

We have not heard much of Passion Pit this year, so hopefully ‘All These Trees’ will be the first in a slew of tracks from them over the next few months or so. The piano doesn’t sound completely different to Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used To Wait’ either….

Passion Pit – ‘All These Trees’

The Antlers – ‘Bird Bank’

Andrew Bird – ‘Manny’s Montage’

[via JP’s Blog]