Why is nobody talking about Eskmo? If James Blake is the future of music then Eskmo shouldn’t be too far behind. The video for ‘We Got More’ has been slowly garnering praise since its debut at the start of December but he has been making music for well over 18 months. There is a self-titled album out too over at Ninjatune.

But why let me explain why he is so great; let’s take a look at his experience: “Angelides has been making tracks as Eskmo since 1999, recording a series of tracks and remixes for labels like Planet Mu and Warp in recent years, and releasing two acclaimed singles, ‘Hypercolor’ and ‘Angus Dei’, on his own Ancestor imprint in 2009. Eskmo’s won the patronage of fellow Ninja-artist, the legendary Amon Tobin, with whom he’s collaborated as Eskamon, while Flying Lotus hand-picked this kindred spirit to play his Brainfeeder Sessions. Via these channels, he was discovered by Ninja Tune, who swiftly invited Eskmo to join their hallowed ranks, and release a debut album.”

This is the (literally) stomping video for ‘We Got More’ with ‘Hypercolor’ and ‘Angus Dei’ below that in all their streamy beauty.

Good luck coming up with a genre though. Dub-crunch? Disco-sludge? Countrance? Suggestions welcome…

Eskmo – ‘Angus Dei’

Eskmo – ‘Hypercolor’

But the self-titled album from Eskmo here.