Sweden you win again. After Abba, Those Dancing Days, Lykke Li (Robyn for those interested) and The Knife some might have thought you had given us more than enough perfectly formed pop. But no. Niki And The Dove are here to offer more hope to those who still claim pop can be saved from the nadir.

I had heard the name in places over the past few weeks and it was yesterday that I bowed to their brilliance. Malin Dahlström is the woman behind the, er, Dove and it was thanks to ‘Mother Protect’, which contains one of those perfect breakdowns/interludes that stops you in your tracks. And the singalong that follows will leave you stunned. You can download it for free here.

They have not exhausted themselves yet having played just a handful of shows outside their native Sweden and a single ep with Moshi Moshi’s singles club, but 2011 definitely seems that bit better with them Niki And The Dove.

First of all, listen to the jaw-droppingly good ‘Mother Protect’:

Niki And the Dove – ‘Mother Protect’

Now have an ep, pretty much all they have recorded to date:
Niki And The Dove: Streaming tracks by Oohbrilliant

And finally a video for ‘Under The Bridges’

The Line Of Best Fit talked about her back in August and NME briefly mentioned her the following month.

Well done Sweden.