Bedroom music has been around since the ’60s when Brian Wilson wrote a song about it. In recent years chillwave artists from America’s west coast added their names to the tableau thick and fast: Washed Out and Wild Nothing to name but two. Cassettes Won’t Listen have/has been doing this since 2003 to little fanfare.

Jason Drake is Cassettes Won’t Listen and ‘Stuck’ is a paean to isolation. ‘I keep to myself in conversations,’ he sings over a background of music that would make The Postal Service think twice before mounting a comeback. Things are kept under control by Drake though, who has two full-length albums under his belt plus plenty of remixes, which can be found on his blog (Daft Punk’s ‘Derezzed’ sounds great).

You can listen to ‘Stuck’ and hopefully we will be hearing alot more about this bedroom producer over the next few months.

Cassettes Won’t Listen – ‘Stuck’