Irish people may be the only ones to agree with me on this, but does ‘I Follow Rivers’, Lykke Li’s newest track, sound just a tad like Jape’s ‘I Was A Man’? Just the intro part; the guitar sounds awfully similar. I am sure it is only coincidental though and Richie is not giving Lykki tips on how to write killer tunes. Though he could…

Anyway, Lykke Li’s new album, Wounded Rhymes, is out at the end of February and ‘I Follow Rivers’ will be the second track you hear when you press play on the eagerly anticipated record. One noticeable aspect to this song in comparison with her first album Youth Novels, is that there is more going on underneath the voice. Not only does the chorus (“I’ll follow you, deep sea baby, I’ll follow) prove catchy, but the little drum fills that abound throughout all 3.47 minutes of the track also prove as catchy. There are lots of sounds that reward the repeat listener. It sounds like it was a fun track to add to in order to build it up. Tracklisting to Wounded Rhymes is after the track/jump.

Lykke Li – ‘I Follow Rivers’

1 ‘Youth Knows No Pain’
2 ‘I Follow Rivers’
3 ‘Love Out Of Lust’
4 ‘Unrequited Love’
5 ‘Get Some’
6 ‘Rich Kid Blues’
7 ‘Sadness Is A Blessing’
8 ‘I Know Places’
9 ‘Jerome’
10 ‘Silent My Song’