By the time a band comes around to making their fourth album you expect that more people will have sat up to take notice. In the case of My Little Cheap Dictaphone it seems that outside of their home country, Belgium, few people will have had the chance to hear anything. If there was justice in the world then that would change with The Tragic Tale Of A Genius.

I stumbled across a review of the record from The Guardian over the weekend and was intrigued enough to go out and listen to this ‘homage’ to Brian Wilson. Despite the tetchy review (“drum fills and tempo changes that Win Butler might have coordinated”) the album is something that demands a second, instantaneous play.

Tracks like ‘Holy Grail’ sound like they were lovingly created in a pastiche of love. It soars as high as any song by an ‘indie’ band dares to go. The use of an orchestra also shows just how far the Belgians are willing to go with this effort. There is loads to enjoy here.

MLCD won the Best Artist of the Year and Best album of the Year at the 2010 Belgian awards ceremony so they must be doing something good to triumph over. . . er . . . Nope, nothing. Belgian music is not exactly known worldwide as a worldbeater so here is a chance of change. There is more about the album and the scope of the band here which is well worth a read.

Here is ‘Shine On’, which takes more than one divergent path as we get through its four minutes, but it all comes back to that simple rallying call.

My Little Cheap Dictaphone – ‘Shine On’

And below is the video for ‘What Are You Waiting For’, which does include flourished that would make Win Butler go waak at the knees. But it is much more than that.

The album, The Tragic Tale Of A Genius, is out now.