Did you hear Mogwai are back and are bringing the best-titled album of the year with them? Hardcore Will Never Die, But You WIll is going to hit Irish shops in February. We have already heard ‘Rano Pano’ and now we get ‘San Pedro’, another hefty slice of rawwwk to sink your delicate little ears into. It is not the most difficult track that the band has ever done, but it does serve to remind the world why the Scots do loud better than a lot of other bands.

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is going to be released on the band’s own label, Rock Action Records. Listen to ‘San Pedro’ below and click for the album tracklisting, worth it alone for the name of the final track.

Mogwai – ‘San Pedro’

1 – ‘White Noise
2 – ‘Mexican Grand Prix’

3 – ‘Rano Pano
4 – ‘Death Rays’

5 – ‘San Pedro’
6 – ‘Letters To The Metro
7 – ‘George Square Thatcher Death Party’
8 – ‘How To Be A Werewolf’

9 – ‘Too Raging To Cheers’

10 – ‘You’re Lionel Richie