More instrumental rock from Ireland’s shores here. The band is Overhead, The Albatross and surprisingly, The Richter Collective is nowhere in sight. The debut EP was released on Bandcamp late last week. Entitled Lads With Sticks, the four tracks sound like Sigur Ros with added vigour. Indeed, for a good portion of opening track ‘Jonah’, the Dublin four-piece do a very good impression of the the Scandinavians. Then at the three minute mark they up the ante. Things don’t get quite as heavy as And So I Watch You From Afar’s heaviest moments such as ‘Clench Fists…‘ but think of ‘Start A Band‘ and ‘The Voiceless‘ and you get a bit closer to where Overhead, The Albatross are coming from.

It is a fine way to launch a career and the band can be assured of attracting a lot of attention over the coming months. Stream the album via Bandcamp below, then download it. FOR FREE.

Swear I’m Not Paul and Harmless Noise have already written nice things about the EP and the more you listen the better things get.