There is plenty to love about Those Dancing Days and there is loads to love about the video for ‘Reaching Forward’, the third track we have heard from their forthcoming album Daydreams & Nightmares. There is a party, a tv on the protagonist’s head, four girls tying up said guy. Er….

The music isn’t too bad either. ‘Reaching Forward’ is the opening track on the Swedes’ second album, which is out at the end of February; plenty time to hear the rest of the songs on a weekly basis. The tracklisting is below.

1 ‘Reaching Forward’
2 ‘I’ll Be Yours’
3 ‘Dream About Me’
4 ‘Help Me Close My Eyes’
5 ‘Can’t Find Entrance’
6 ‘Fuckarias’
7 ‘Forest Of Love’
8 ‘When We Fade Away’
9 ”Keep Me In Your Pocket’
10 ‘I Know Where You Live’
11 ‘One Day Forever’