Is the concept album dead? These days even getting through one album would seem to be a chore to many, let alone trying to establish what marks something out as a concept album, worthy of you time for well over an hour, in most cases. And then there is One Eleven, who I came across on Bandcamp. There are, wait for it, 111 tracks on the album, which you can download for £1.11. The longest tracks of the set, are, er 1.13, because of silence that was added at the end. The total running time of the album is, obviously, One hour and 11 minutes. It is a hip-hop album for the person in life who loves beats; a samples album for the person who needs some filler; a DJ set for someone who is too lazy to even try; One Eleven is all of the above and so much more.

There are 11 notes on Bandcamp that may or may not be true relating to One Eleven. Does everything here relate to a year in his life? Is this fo’ real, yo? Does it matter? The music is well worth a listen to. It is almost certainly a gimmick, but it is also a very listenable one. Go here for more on One Eleven. Listen to the full 111 songs below. Time will fly.