Have you heard about Quarter Inch Collective’s Quompilation #1? Thirteen Irish artists, including Squarehead, Spies, Kid Karate, Patrick Kelleher and many more, covered their favourite song of 2010. We get two versions of Squarehead’s ‘Fake Blood’ (Nialler9 readers’ favourite song of the year too), a Rihanna cover and a Kanye West cover that I thought would have been beyond any band, so many congratulations should be extended the way of Cloud Castle Lake for that one.

It is a brilliant idea and the results are just below, via Bandcamp where you can stream each track. You should also purchase the album for a modest €5, and maybe you should also think about getting it on cassette (HOW OLD SKOOL!?!?!) And if you are unfamiliar with the original tracks, well each and every one of them is after the jump, all in individual sections so that you can marvel at what each Irish band managed to do with their own version.

Adebisi Shank – ‘(-_-)’

Squarehead – ‘Fake Blood’

Caribou – ‘Leave House’
Kanye West – ‘Lost In The World’

Tinie Tempah – ‘Pass Out’

Bombona y Farola – ‘¡PELEA!’

The National – ‘Terrible Love’

Angkorwat – ‘Gatecrasher’

Girls Names – ‘Don’t Let Me In’

Twin Shadow – ‘Castles In The Snow’

Squarehead – ‘Fake Blood’