Oh that voice. Oh that soothing, reassuring voice. Welcome back Robin Pecknold. Welcome back Fleet Foxes. The world hasn’t been the same since you left. What we have below is the first brand spanking new track from Seattle’s Fleet Foxes. It is called ‘Helplessness Blues’ and if you have heard anything by Fleet Foxes in the past (and please say that you have) then you will know what to expect: glorious harmonies, sumptuous guitars, and wonderful lyrics.

‘Helplessness Blues’ is like a slightly more chilled out version of ‘Ragged Word’ from their debut, self-titled album, almost three years old now at this stage. “I am tongue-tied and dizzy and can’t keep it to myself,” Robin sings. Aren’t we all glad he felt the need to share?The breakdown halfway through the five-minute track also sounds familiar if you immersed yourself in their previous tracks. It truly is glorious to listen to Robin’s voice again. Doesn’t everything just seem better now?

Listen and download ‘Helplessness Blues’ below. The band play London on May 31 as well as a few German dates and a Paris booking. Now I am not saying make sure you book June 1 off for an Irish show…

Fleet Foxes – ‘Helplessness Blues’

The album artwork is above and the album itself is called ‘Helplessness Blues’. Did I say welcome back Fleet Foxes? Go to their site for more info on the tour.