Planet Mu is one of the more underrated record labels around at the moment. To try to change this a little, they have put together a compilation of 14 artists to showcase the depth and quality that is found on their roster. Solar Bears are just one of the talented bands to offer something to the label who put out the duo’s d├ębut album, She Was Coloured In last year.

‘To Be With Her’ is the first new release we have heard from the band since their astonishingly good full-length, and the track keeps the quality very high. If you fancy chilling out for four minutes, then this track is for you. The blissful, laid-back sounds will lift you into another, more relaxed place. And with the Irish election due to take over everybody’s life over the next four weeks, this is a very welcome antidote. You can listen to Solar Bears’ contribution to the Planet Mu compilation below.

Solar Bears – ‘To Be With Her’

You can find out more about the Planet Mu compilation over at their site. And check out more on Solar Bears at Breaking Tunes.