The video above did inspire me to want to do something. It was made a few years back by Dylan Haskins who, at the time of writing, had just announced his intention to stand in Ireland’s upcoming election, as an independent in Dublin. He definitely deserves your attention with this eye-grabbing video. The point is that Dylan, as evidenced in the above video, is driven to contribute to society. The gigs he has helped to put on in and around Dublin look amazing.

Sadly though, I don’t live in Dublin, which has multitudes of gigs on a nightly basis. I don’t get to see new bands every night of the week. I am currently living in Limerick city, where I get the likes of, erm, well…. Yeah… Bands don’t exactly kill themselves to come down here where they could end up playing to ten people and a dog on any given night. I honestly cannot remember the last gig that I have actually been to here.

It is not that the venues are not there: Dolan’s Warehouse is one of the best big-little venues I have experiences. Sadly, Dolan’s upstairs is being used more and more by the new up-and-coming bands. It is a venue with such a lack of atmosphere that I would almost not like to see a band there. Sadly, Choice-nominated Halves are playing there next month, so will probably be taking a stroll there then.

But if the bands won’t come to me, I will come to the bands. I recently started contributing to Drop-d, one of the best websites for Irish music at the moment. Last year, they put out a massive compilation of Cork artists, Cork Rock City. And they are even more driven to contribute to the Irish music scene this year. They are putting on a gig in Cork on February 17. And the call was put out for the other contributers to do something in their own city. So myself and Sean Hursons got together and decided to bring some bands we really wanted to see to this fair city, perhaps the biggest victim of the two-and-a-half year old recession. I will be writing afterwards about what I have learned from putting on a gig (the very first one I have ever been involved in), but for now, let me tell you what myself, Sean and Miriam have got in store for the people of Limerick on Friday, February 25.

Drop-d presents: C!ties, Cloud Castle Lake and Croupier, three of the best new bands in Ireland, all under one roof. In the Loft, one of the city’s best kept secrets, the three bands will take to the stage to showcase the rude health that Irish music currently finds itself in. C!ties have been going since 2007 and despite college and work commitments, are one of the hottest bands in the country. Their debut EP, almost two years old, is still one of the best things you can lend your ears to. Cloud Castle Lake are young but full of energy. Their recordings are currently light on the ground but by the end of the year, they will certainly be among the cream of the crop. And to complete the line-up is Croupier, a band full of energy who are also promising big things this year. And finally, on DJ duty for the night will be Ciaránlimb, the founder and runner of the revered Irish label, Out On A Limb.

Why should I wait for someone else to put on a perfect gig, when I could help to do it myself? Dylan’s video inspired me to want to do more for the depressed state of the country. So why not start with one of the best gigs imaginable? I am not saying this will be the gig of the year, but I am certainly glad I only have to head five minutes down the road for what is sure to be an unforgettable night.

And you’re all invited.

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