After months of work (procrastination), here is the second Point Of Everything Podcast. Some facts about podcast number two:

i) It was recorded on Monday, January 31
ii) The voice you can hear is mine, Eoghan O’Sullivan
iii) It was recorded on a Zoom H2
iv) I got distracted halfway through recording by Fleet Foxes’ new track, ‘Helplessness Blues’
v) Every some you can hear on the podcast is by an Irish band, and every track is available online for free.
vi) The podcast is 64 minutes and 50 seconds long
vii) you can listen to it via Soundcloud, Podomatic or Mixcloud. All are below.
viii) The tracklisting is after the jump, with all tracks linked to both the band’s website, and the free track/EP.
ix) None of the band’s featured have released an album, at the time of speaking.
x) Every song on The Point Of Everything Podcast #2 is really good.

Also, this is the Point Of Everything’s 400th post. Not too shabby, eh?

The Point Of Everything Podcast #2

The Point Of Everything Podcast #2 Tracklisting:
1 Kid Karate – ‘Black & Beige
2 Cignol – ‘Nebulae
3 AngKorWat – ‘Ciccone Snap
4 Overhead, The Albatross – ‘Liam Neeson
5 Croupier – ‘Decades
6 Hunter-Gatherer – ‘Under Lock And Quay
7 Go Panda Go – ‘Decoded
8 Awake young Soldiers – ‘Slowly Sadly
9 Lotuseater – ‘Merlin
10 Milan Jay – ‘We Believe
11 C!ties – ‘Satellites
12 We Are Losers – ‘The Narcissist
13 Squarehead – ‘Fake Blood
14 Toby Kaar – ‘Bread

Thanks for listening, or at least reading. And if anybody wants to send me a track or anything for the next podcast, which will be done much sooner than this one, then feel free to email or Soundcloud me (Dropbox is over there –>>>). The email is is in the about section of the website. Thanks folks.