Bright Eyes have been very generous and put their forthcoming album up on Youtube. The People’s Key is out in Ireland this coming Friday and many have been citing it as a return to form. But Conor Oberst has always had a pretty high quality control. The Youtube comment section has been doing a good critical analysis of the album too, with such gems as “Conor. You’re so fuckin awesome. Thanks for doing this. I can’t wait to buy your album,” from kdkkb, “CONOR, YOU’RE FUCKING HOT”, from inswoon and “oh and why is no one talking about how fucking this album is?” from pageseventyfive.

The tracklisting is below, after the jump.

1 ‘Firewall’
2 ‘Shell Games’
3 ‘Jejune Stars’
4 ‘Approximate Sunlight’
5 ‘Haile Selassie’
6 ‘A Machine Spiritual (in the People’s Key)’
7 ‘Triple Spiral’
8 ‘Beginner’s Mind’
9 ‘Ladder Song’
10 ‘One For You, One For Me’