Warning: I have always and will always love everything The Strokes ever do.

And just like that, it was as if Julian, Nick, Albert, Nikolai and Fab had never been away.

Yes, at precisely 7.30pm Zane Lowe premiered the new Strokes song, ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’. It was supposed to be available as a free download at 7.35pm but obviously demand was such that the site crashed and was down for about half an hour. Some blogs already had streams up though, satisfying this listener until he got his hands on the brand new, shiny… er, download.

My very first thoughts were, ‘What has happened to Julian’s voice?’ It sounded like he was singing with a cold. The guitars didn’t come out all guns blazing from the off either. But then we get into things. At the one minute mark we get the first chorus. The singing is almost buried beneath everything else, but then you realise that has always been The Strokes way. “Everybody’s been singing the same song for ten years,’ croons Julian.

And well, just listen for yourself… Download it for free off the band’s currently working website. It is from the album Angles, out in March. This will not be the last you hear of The Strokes on this blog.

The Strokes – ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’

One final thought: Despite the fact blogs and music fans seem to have moved onto electronica music and dubstep or whatever qualifies as ‘the new sound’, you can see how everybody loves (or at least loved) The Strokes.