We have already heard ‘Lippy Kids’ from Elbow’s forthcoming album, Build A Rocket Boys!, due out at the beginning of March. And the video for first single ‘Neat Little Rows’ escaped my attention. Until now!

The track basically showcased everything that Elbow are pretty good at: escalating emotions, pulsating rhythms and well, Guy Garvey. Need I say more? Well, it’s not as good as some of the stuff off their last album. But that is bound to happen when a band finally reached the big time. The expectation surrounding this fifth album is far and above the anticipation for The Seldom Seen Kid. Maybe this is being a tad unfair on the band. We can’t expect another album of perfection. ‘Neat Little Rows’ is good, but if you want to be reminded of how great Elbow are (and how they got to O2 headliner status, go listen to their last two albums.