The Heartbreaks were strangely absent from the lists of bands to watch out for in 2011. They should have been on plenty. So what went wrong? Well, firstly they released their first stuff a few months ago and got people hyped up back then. You can’t be the sound of 2011 if you have already released something, right? That is how the music (buzz) industry works, right?

Anyway, enough about hilarious asides, because those Mancunians The Heartbreaks have indeed released a new song, ‘Jealous, Don’t You Know’ which continues in the same vein as their previous tracks, featured on this site back in August. The lyrics are not as mean-spirited as Morrissey but his influence is obviously there, with the whole lovelorn lyrics. And the drummer doesn’t get a breather for the full four minutes. Some great solo work going on there too. So basically, everything sounds great. And the bassist is, er, good too.

The Heartbreaks – ‘Jealous, Don’t You Know’