Strands created one of the best Irish albums of 2010, and now, Stephen Shannon, the man behind the band, has made a video for one of the best tracks on the self-titled album. ‘Chow Bell’ doesn’t really give us a look at the man behind Strands but it does get up close with some cassettes (remember them? Because I don’t). Think of it as an ode to the art of the cassette. Also, the setup at the end is well worth replicating at home. It looks like a lot of fun. The blurb goes: “Video consists of stop motion imagery of a wide assortment of vintage audio cassette tapes. All the imagery was either scanned with an Epson 4490 flatbed scanner -or- shot with a Canon 7D, then Photoshopped and sequenced to create this montage.” Buy the album from Bandcamp for a Radiohead-rivalling €7 here. ‘Chow Bell’ is the second visual effort from Strands after the rather beautiful ‘Temper’, back in September.