The Minutes are a band who have been around for ages, but never really had an impact on me. I think I saw them about four years ago playing somewhere in Cork. These possibilities remain unconfirmed, however. I also have one song in my iTunes library by the band, again from 2007, ‘Ukraine’, which featured on an IMRO CD that came free with a newspaper. So The Minutes, to sum up, haven’t exactly left much of a mark on me.

Until now.

‘Black Keys’ is going to be released on Model Citizen Records, an Irish indie label. Recorded by Kevin McMahon, the man responsible for recording Titus Andronicus and The Walkmen, ‘Black Keys’ does, obviously, bring to mind the band namesake. And they don’t sound too far apart, but that is to take away from what The Minutes have created. There is definitely more of a rock edge to what they have done before. The trumpets that rage throughout showcase just how much of a bigger sound Mark, Shane and Tom have created. Put Wolfmother and Supergrass in a studio together and you come close to imagining what ‘Black Keys’ sounds like. And with Yuck apparently bringing grunge back, maybe it’s time for some more garage rock. The Minutes certainly know how to do that. ‘Black Keys’ is released as a download single on Model Citizen Records on Friday, March 25. The debut (?!?!) album Marcata will be out in May.

The Minutes – ‘Black Keys’

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