Poor Tapes ‘n’ Tapes. It is impossible to discuss without remembering their position in the (blogging) world back in 2005/2006. ‘Insistor’ was the talk of Pitchfork. The group was able to tour the world on the back of it. But then something changed. Something went wrong along the lines and people fell out of love with the group. Their second album, Walk It Off, despite claiming Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev man Dave Fridmann as producer, fell without trace. It had a good single or two but it was met with little fanfare and rather a lot of apathy. But here they are again with third album Outside. And one wonders what will happen to the band if things don’t pick up for them. There are some great tracks on here. Opener ‘Badaboom’ stutters and thunders in brilliant measure. ‘One In the World’ and ‘Nightfall’ also make you think of what might have been for the band. They probably feel these are stadium numbers that don’t deserve to be played in the same places they toured The Loon. But perhaps Tapes ‘n’ Tapes are a lesson in hyped to the hills bands such as The Vaccines and James Blake. Enjoy it now because it will probably be gone by the time your next single comes around.

You can read what Drowned In Sound thought about it here. And listen to the Outside in full below. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed. And go show your support for the group.