TV On The Radio, the band that made one of the best albums of 2008 in the shape of Dear Science, are back with a new track, ‘Will Do’ from a new album, Nine Types of Light, due out in April.

Will we just wait for all that to sink in?

‘Will Do’ is a casual introduction to the 2010-version of TV On the Radio. It is mellow and a step removed from the absolute classic ‘Dancing Choose’. “I think we’re compatible, I see that you think I’m wrong,” Tunde sings in his best crooner voice. And the rest of the song continues in the same lovelorn vein

TV On The Radio – ‘Will Do’

Dave Sitek, erstwhile guitarist with TVOTR, found some time to remix Australia’s The Naked And Famous. One of their best tunes, ‘Young Blood’ doesn’t sound half as much as a call to arms after though. Nice to see a different side to it though.

The Naked And Famous – ‘Young Blood’ (Dave Sitek remix)

Listen to the whole of Dear Science below. Did I mention I love it?